Sunday, January 20, 2013

(AUS.402732) William Ronald Cundy (DFC,DFM) - Course 23

Flight Lieutenant William Ronald CUNDY, D.F.M. (Aus-402732), Royal Australian Air Force, No. 260 Squadron. Distinguished Flying Cross Citation: In November, 1942, this officer made an exceptionally daring attack on an enemy fighter in the vicinity of Tobruk. Undeterred by damage sustained by his aircraft from heavy anti-aircraft fire, Flight Lieutenant Cundy, displaying great coolness and determination bombed the ship which was set on fire and destroyed. Many troops were on board the vessel at the time. This officer has exhibited outstanding tenacity and gallantry on numerous occasions. He has taken part in many operational flights on escort duties, and in bombing and machine gunning ground targets. Since September, 1942, Flight Lieutenant Cundy has destroyed two enemy aircraft bringing his total victories to 5. Distinguished Flying Medal Citation: In the course of numerous operational sorties over enemy, he possesses fine qualities of leadership, keeness and determination. One recent occasion he displayed great skill in destruction of an enemy aircraft which attacked a fellow pilot. Undeterred by difficulties and hardships this airman has participated in various operational duties with outstanding gallantry and devotion to duty. (AWM)

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